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Welcome to the Coaches Corner.  This page is intended as a forum for coaches to share ideas and techniques in water polo.

If you would like to post something on the Corner, please email the Webmaster and we will get it posted.  Note that your email address will be posted with your submission so other coaches may contact you if they have questions.

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Impact Ball Workout - To Improve Throwing & Shooting Motions
Impact Ball

Coach & Player Development

Coach Development Player Development
Coaching Styles Weight Training (Newland)
Coaching Young Teams (Nitzkowski) Ball Handling Skills (Unknown)
Coaching Fundamentals (Newland) Ball Handling Skills (Fargo)
Effective Coaching (Newland) Ball Handling Skills (Newland)
Basic Training for the Legs (Rudic) Mechanics of Shooting (Newland)
Game Principles 2 Meter Offense (Watson)
Team Defense (Corso) 2 Meter Development (Newland)
6 on 5 Offense & Defense (Corso)
5 on 6 Strategies (Corso) Goaltending (Burckett)
Fast Break Offense Goaltending (Wilson)
  College Recruiting (Newland)

National Development Camp Notes
National Goalie Camp - June 30 to July 3, 1999
Submitted by Dave Jimenez
Goalie Camp Notes - 6/30/99  Word 97/2000 format 
Goalie Camp Notes - 7/01/99  Word 97/2000 format
Goalie Camp Notes - 7/02/99  Word 97/2000 format
Goalie Camp Notes - 7/03/99  Word 97/2000 format
National Age Group Camp - December 18 to December 22, 1999
Submitted by Dave Jimenez
Xmas Camp Notes - 12/19/99  Word 97/2000 format
Xmas Camp Notes - 12/20/99  Word 97/2000 format
Coaching Drills
Submitted by Joe Camporesi
Basic Polo Drills  Word 97/2000 format

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