Welcome to the Rules section, where you can find information on St. Louis referees, rules interpretations, and much more.  This is a forum where you can ask a question on the rules of water polo and our referees will respond with their interpretations of the rules.  You will also be treated to the Referee's Perspective, a look at the game of water polo from the view of a referee.  Some of the topics to be posted include how the game has changed within St. Louis, differences between the high school style of play and USWP styles of play, and as a special treat, our resident referee historian, Scott Sease, is developing a history of rules and their changes, with documented rules dating back to the 1890's.

If you would like to submit a question to our officials, send it to refrules@swbell.net and the answer will be posted in the Referee's Perspective section.

A Spectator's Guide to Water Polo

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