20 Apr 2015

Project 4 Quarters!

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Missouri Water Polo is proud to announce the inaugural
“Project 4 Quarters” water polo awareness and fundraising campaign and team competition beginning today Monday April 6.

P4Q is a great way to spread the word of water polo around our campuses and communities while at the same time raising funds for ALL water polo players and teams in the state of Missouri…. $1 at a time.

Here’s how it works;
Each high school team/player has five weeks to talk to as many people and get them to sign their name on a sheet of paper and donate $1 to Mowaterpolo .
First name only.
No last name.
No phone number.
Just a first name and $1.


So every person = $1

The more People you talk to, the more $$$ you raise.
There are almost 500 kids playing water polo in the STL area.
If each kid talked to 10 people;
That’s $5000 right there folks!

The HS team that after the five weeks who talked to the most people/raised the most $1 gets a FREE team pizza and chicken wing party at the end of the season donated from Pointers Pizza in Clayton.

Each HS coach has been briefed on this project. This is a 100% volunteer.
It is designed to be a fun way to help the kids spread the game they love
around the STL area.

Also, the Referees have been challenged to donate 4 Quarters of pay…..one game.
We’re all in this together!

All funds raised will go towards scholarships for kids to play club polo.
For referee training.
The purchasing of equipment.
For coaching clinics etc…

Let’s see how much we can raise folks!
Lets get to it!
You’ve got five weeks.
Teams contributions will be collected before your first game at the state tourney in May.

Any and all questions can be directed to Mowaterpolo Board Member Andrew Wool

Project 4 Quarters 2015 starts now!
Good luck and have a great season!!!

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