06 Jun 2014

Board meeting update and plea for help

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Please consider attending the Missouri Water Polo annual Board meeting on Thursday June 12th.
It is at 7pm at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters on Lindbergh across from Plaza Frontenac.
It will be held in one of the meeting rooms. Most likely the East Room.
We have made great strides in the past year, but I am hoping we can get a new round of support from across our small community and specifically with parental involvement. There are 3 board member spots up for election as well as the annual election for executive positions on the board of President, Secretary and Treasurer. Even if you are not interested in being on the board but wish to help in some way, I hope you will consider attending or reaching out to the board if you are interested in helping out.

If I am elected for a 2nd term as President, I wanted to give everyone an idea of the direction I’d like to take Missouri Water Polo.

1 – Updating our bylaws. I think Missouri water polo has expanding in a lot of ways since it was initially founded and as a community we need to decide in what direction we want it to head. What are our priorities and what can we do to best help the water polo community.
2 – Expanded Fundraising – We are hoping to host more and more fundraising events so we have more money to spend on the areas we decide are in need of help. We are hoping to run a Polo-a-thon fundraiser later this summer, a 110 minute water polo game to celebrate the 110 years since the 1904 Olympics here in St. Louis. We would like to continue the tradition of the Annual Alumni Invitational, as well as continue our annual trivia night. I’d like to see us begin an annual giving program as well. Anyone interested in helping with these efforts or another idea, please come and share your thoughts.
3- T Shirt sales committee – we placed a lot on just a few pairs of shoulders in this effort this year and I’m hoping we can get an expanded group of people together to help make it a smoother process in years to come.
4 – Youth Development – there are quite a few youth water polo programs popping up around the area and I’m hoping a committee or one interested person could act as a coordinator to see how Missouri water polo can help expand the sport.
5 – Referee Development – It was great having top rated officials with USA Water Polo come in for a clinic this last season, but I don’t want to stop there. We’d like to help officials continue their development with offers to travel as well as bringing in other officials to evaluate our referees.
6 – Web Site Redevelopment – It is my goal to get the website moved over to be run by a 3rd party. To hopefully offer more social media interaction as well as the ability to accept donations online along with selling MO water polo merchandise on the site.
7 – Post Season Coordination Committee – a lot goes on leading up to the District Tournament as well as the Awards Banquet – I am hoping more people can get involved in the planning stages as well as pulling it off without any issues
8 – Other Ideas?
I am open to anything and everything that an interested person has to say about how Missouri Water Polo should be running. But you have to show up to have your voice heard. Please consider attending our meeting on Thursday June 12th at 7 pm and the St. Louis County Library Headquarters.


John O’Sullivan
President – Missouri Water Polo.

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