06 Mar 2012

Here is a short synopsis of of the features of the new MOWaterPolo.com.  The site is a work in progress and things are surely going to evolve over time, but here’s what we have so far:

  • HOME – this is the main page for the website.The latest news and updates can be found here, as well as the things we at Missouri Water Polo are most excited about! The “Gallery” is currently under construction.  The goal is to have fans submit their photos from water polo events on this page.
  • THE BLOG – the blog serves as both a source for news as well as an outlet for the board (and potential guest writers) to communicate with the members of MIssouri Water Polo.  All of the latest happenings will be posted here.
  • HIGH SCHOOL – the most visited section of the old website is the high school section which has all of the schedules for the upcoming high school season.  This is also the most laborious of all sections, so please be patient if it’s not perfect at first.  We are working hard to make this section the go-to web page for high school water polo scores and schedules in Missouri.
  • COLLEGE – here you will find information about local collegiate water polo programs.  We also hope to add information about schools that have Missouri water polo players in their program and how to get in touch with someone at the program.
  • CLUB – the Club section lists all of the water polo club programs in Missouri as well as information about the club and how to contact the club.  This section will also feature the schedules for club leagues and tournaments.
  • CALENDAR – ideally, the Calendar will be a dynamic section that displays upcoming events for high school water polo, club water polo and Midwest Zone Events.  This section will also feature upcoming events from Missouri Water Polo, including clinics, board meetings and the Trivia Night.
  • ABOUT US – this section displays the Mission Statement for Missouri Water Polo Inc., the board members of Missouri Water Polo Inc., and a brief history of how Missouri Water Polo Inc. was founded.
  • HISTORY – another popular feature of the old website was the historically archives of past high school seasons, including the all-conference and all-district teams reaching as far back as 1971. Currently, this section is in the “old style”, but will eventually get updated into the new site as our dedicated webmaster has time.
  • CONTACT US – questions, comments, and suggestions can be delivered to the board of Missouri Water Polo Inc. through this form.  We encourage any fan of Missouri Water Polo to help us make the website and – more importantly – the sport better.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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