24 Mar 2013

2013 Top Ten – Week 2

2 DeSmet
3 Kirkwood
4 Parkway West
6 Ladue
7 Lindbergh
8 Parkway South
9 John Burroughs
10 Parkway North
RV Oakville
RV Lafayette
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4 Responses to 2013 Top Ten – Week 2
  1. OK, you may spend a lot of time at the pool..but your goggles have clearly been clouded by the chlorine. You are showing your lack of knowledge in the area pools with your rankings. C’mon….Parkway North in the top ten. Bunch of nice kids that work hard, but were hit hard with graduation. The struggle to score, move the ball effectively and control the pace of the match. They are leading the area in fouls and rely on muscle more than technique to compete this year. Rebuilding year for the Vikings at best.; Again, heavily loaded with area privates. Burroughs and DeSmet are nice clubs but not worthy of their rankings. Three clubs and two darkhorses are the teams to watch this season. Evenly balanced and on any day all three top schools are capable of winning it all..;SLUH, MICDS, and Kirkwood. Throw Parkway West in there on experience and the “been there, won that” factor and a challenge from Lafayette, based on the strength of their swimming program alone for the two darkhorses capable of pulling off an upset and making a state run. True rankings listed….1) MICDS, 2) Kirkwood, 3) SLUH, 4) Parkway West, 5) Lafayette, 6 thru 10…throw about 10 different teams into a hat because none of the rest are worthy of a state run this year. Sleeper team capable of upsetting a top team but not mature enough to make a deep run…University City. Don’t laugh, they are one to two years away from being a state contender. Young, physical and fast. They need to learn how to win. Best team to watch based on work ethic, just not enough talent to win…Ladue. The junior/senior class at Ladue is talented in may sports and they have a hard nosed blue collar work ethic not found nearly enough in this white collar suburb. Week 2 prediction for state championship (reevaluated each week)…MICDS over Kirkwood.

    • Ha, nice try “H2O Dr.” SLUH is steamrolling everyone this year, and the day after you posted, West showed how much stronger they were than Kirkwood. Regarding your assessments of other teams, the rest of the season will show how foolish they are.

  2. H20 dr

    To defend this poll don’t underestimate Desmet, coming into this week they were on a 6 game win streak against some decent competition from Illinois teams. They are definitely a top 5 team and in my opinion a justifiable #2 seed. Likewise, I believe Kirkwood and Parkway West are interchangeable at ranks 3 and 4. Both teams are very good and have the potential of upsetting SLUH and Desmet. Depth however is an issue for both teams and neither has a very talented bench. Kirkwood struggled in the 4th quarter against Parkway West after their star 2MD and arguably their second best player drew his 3rd kick out. If that game happened again I would not be surprised to see it happen again. As for MICDS, since this is a current ranking they should not be in the top 4 simply because of depth issues. When Schock returns later on he will greatly improve their starting line-up as well as add some depth. When he returns I see MICDS as a final 4 team, but until then they should be the #5 team. I agree with your statement that 6-10 don’t have a strong chance yet on being able to win state, but I disagree with your point on Parkway North. They are a better team than Lafeyette and Oakville and as a result deserve their seeding above them.

    Remember depth is what wins most games.

    1) SLUH (we’ll see how they end up, they don’t have the strongest starting lineup, but they have very good depth
    2) Desmet (good team, if you take out a rough 1st quarter against SLUH, it was a very close game)
    3T) Parkway West (very well conditioned team and well coached)
    3T) Kirkwood (great Big 3, but has goalie issues as well as depth issues)
    5) MICDS (look for them to improve with the return of Schock
    6) Lindbergh (should be deep and well conditioned, but lack star power)
    7) Ladue
    8) Parkway South
    9) Parkway North
    10) John Burroughs

    I think the coaches did a good job in their voting overall, nothing to really criticize too much.

  3. I agree with all of your posts, but don’t count out Eureka with their win over Burroughs. They don’t have the depth on the bench, but they have a few guys here and there that can play some polo. Also Lindbergh, because of
    their speed. I agree with Polodad13 on the top three. SLUH has a great team and they have good depth. Kirkwood also, they dont have the best goalie situation, but their starting lineup with Berger Phillips, Bachman, pretty solid.

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