06 Nov 2014

2nd Annual MO Water Polo Alumni Invite

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Get Ready for the 2nd Annual Missouri Water Polo Alumni Invitational!
Saturday December 20th
Most likely at MICDS.
Min. $5 donation to play.
Last year was a blast with 7 teams playing and we raised money to help the efforts of expanding Water Polo in Missouri. This year the plan is to play the games at MICDS on Saturday December 20th.
The format depends on how many teams show interest in playing, but most likely will be just one game matched up against another school.
Remember this is all about reconnecting people with Water Polo in our area, it does not necessarily have to be a high school reunion team. Also if there are more than one team from a particular school, that’s cool, we had 2 SLUH teams last year, each from different time periods. And If you want to get a Class of 2000 team go ahead, you want to organize a reunion team from your 1992 JO team, I’m all for it. Get the 1st and 2nd team all-state players from 2004, good luck. Also if you want to play on more than one team, go ahead.
But with the historic rivalry of high schools in the area, I’m betting these stay grudge matches.
Please send me an email if you plan on having a team, also your expected roster. I’ll be pairing teams up against each other to make the games fun and interesting. You should have seen the U City v MICDS game last year, it was a joy to watch. If you have a preference on which school you’d like to go up against, let me know and I’ll try to take that into consideration. I ask that each team have one “Captain” who I can communicate with and if I get responses from people searching for a team to play on I can put them in touch.
I am asking for a minimum of $5 donation for all those who plan on playing. And tell all your friends and family that it is free for them to come and see if you still fit in a speedo. Also if anyone is interested in helping out by collecting donations, running the table or reffing, please let me know.

John O’Sullivan
President – MO Water Polo

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