2016 All District Teams

Doug Hall Player of the Year

Chris Kreienkamp, SLUH

Wally Lundt Coach of the Year

Andrew Schonhoff, Parkway Central

Dick Newman Offensive Player of the Year

Mark Franz, SLUH

Wil Edens Defensive Player of the Year

Daniel Hof, Lindbergh

Female Player of the Year

Allison Ney, Parkway North

First Team

John DeStefano, Parkway Central
John Drury, Kirkwood
Mark Franz, SLUH
Daniel Hof, Lindbergh
Chris Kreienkamp, SLUH
Ian Normile, DeSmet

Deep Goal: Christian Niehoff, Oakville
Shallow Goal: Christian Niehoff, Oakville

Second Team

Brad Bauer, Lindbergh
Parker Cayse, Marquette
Mitch Griffin, Parkway West
Michael Ney, Parkway North
Jarad Wahl, Oakville
Dan Walsh, SLUH

Deep Goal: Jim Hogan, SLUH
Shallow Goal: Jim Hogan, SLUH

Third Team

Noah Douaihy, Ladue
Jared Hankinson, Kirkwood
Michael Krause, SLUH
Noah Krause, Ladue
Cole Robinson, CBC
Trevin Zweifel, Marquette

Deep Goal: Adam Brzyski, Marquette
Shallow Goal: Peter Boeding, Parkway South

Honorable Mention

Adam Barr, Parkway Central
Jacob Highsmith, Parkway South
Ben Kinnison, DeSmet
Brandon Murdock, University City
Lachlan Thompson, Ladue
Mason White, Lindbergh

Deep Goal: Phillip Harter, Lindbergh
Shallow Goal: Jonah Zukosky, University City