Senior All Star Game Rosters

Senior All-Star Game will be Wednesday May 17th at Lindbergh High School

4:30pm Girls Club Exhibition Game – All female high school players welcome
5:30pm Senior All-Star Game
6:30pm Awards Banquet

Admission is $5 and covers pizza, salad and soft drinks at the banquet.

Blue Team

Andy Butler, Lindbergh
Charlie Cutelli, Parkway West
Mike McGinnis, Parkway South

Phillip Harter, Lindbergh
Alex Mick, Lafayette

Xan Adams, Pattonville
Abe Allen, SLAP
Nathan Burlis, Parkway Central
Austin Fortuny, Oakville
Mitch Griffin, Parkway West
Jake Helein, Eureka
Carter Inion, Kirkwood
Casey Natsch, Lindbergh
Michael Ney, Parkway North
Patrick Riegel, Chaminade
Ethan Schneider, Lindbergh
Patrick Storey, Parkway South

White Team

Michael Clay, Ladue
Miguel Figueras, DeSmet
Tim Mosby, Marquette

Kevin Drake, Fort Zumwalt West
Mike Harris, SLUH

Kaden Conley, CBC
Noah Douaihy, Ladue
Cedrick Everaert, Ladue
Austin Gordon, MICDS
Matt Graves, Lafayette
Ben Kinnison, DeSmet
Ricky Kuehn, Clayton
Thomas Nordmann, SLUH
Daniel Soares, Clayton
Nicole Thompson, Ladue
Matt Woodruff, John Burroughs
Trevin Zweifel, Marquette